Habbo Clicker Game

Habbo Clicker Game

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Welcome to Habbo Clicker an all new experience set in the Habbo universe. We invite you to manage your own hotel filled with amazing rooms objects and crazy guests. Earn your way to a better hotel and discover all the different floors and themes. This is Habbo like you have never played before but true to the same style that made it one of the most popular social games in history. Have fun!

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How to Play Habbo Clicker Game

The title lives up to its name. You don’t have to memorize some combinations of keys. Just click (or tap if you’ve selected a touchscreen gadget to enter). First of all, select a level pack. If you’re a beginner there is only one available. The next will be unlocked as soon as you complete it. You’ll see the key points alongside the tasks to complete in the level description. They include, for instance, the number of rooms to organize and the amount of money you have. Follow the instructions given to you on the display. Solve the issues, build constructions, help guests with their requests. The whole experience will cost you zero cents! Enjoy the Habbo Clicker free of charge. Good luck with your new career!

It is not easy to be a Hotel Manager

Being a hotel manager is not an easy task; you have to be all over the place at the same time. Ideally, a hotel manager will delegate to supervisors, but in some cases he or she has to handle some delicate personally. In a situation where a customer feels aggrieved and needs to be assuaged, the manager has to be the voice of reason. Where there is laxity in service, he has to be stern and get people to move faster. Where there is maintenance to be done, he or she may have to keep a close eye on what is going on. This is a free online hotel management game that shows you how hard it can be on a busy day. Ideally, the service game starts on a slow note, but as the days go on, you begin to get a clearer picture of how busy a hotel can get during peak periods. Although busy, it is also satisfying to serve people who leave with a smile, and a big thank you. Managing a hotel and making it successful is a very gratifying experience. See how good you can be as a hotel manager by playing this lovely online hotel service game.

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