Last Moment Opening Game

Last Moment Opening Game

Last Moment Opening Game Online - Play Free Fun Management Web Games

Last Moment Opening is a simulation and management game, in which you will become the manager of a hotel. Clean rooms, manage staff, and maximize profits as soon as customers are there. If you do your job properly, you should quickly recoup your costs and get the establishment running. Have fun!

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How to Play Last Moment Opening Game

Use your mouse and click around to interact with the game.

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Are you up for an online hotel challenge today? Can you see yourself as a hotel mogul, opening five-star hotels all around the world? Hotel games are great for kids of all ages. Perhaps you'd prefer to see if you can handle getting all of the operations of a resort done on time. Or maybe you have an interest in exploring spooky hotels instead. Whatever your interest, will definitely have a hotel management game that you'll love to play.

A few Fun Facts for Kids about Hotels

A so-called hotel is a lodging establishment or a catering operation for guests who pay for these services. The establishment is a touristy enterprise, which, as the name suggests, is located in the lodging and restaurant sector. As an industry in its entirety, this is referred to as so-called hospitality industry. The term is borrowed from the French in circa the 17th century, and back then it was the name for the town houses of the nobility in France in the 17th century. In the so-called hospitality industry, private hotels and corporate establishments are to be distinguished. Private hotels, which is to say private hospitality, are both legally as well as economically independent, individual hotels. Legally dependent hotels of the same chain of a company are called corporate establishments. Private hotels without cooperation are counted among the individual hotels. Have fun with these hotel management flash games at and become a great manager.