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Here at Internet Games 365 there is always a hunting season, due to our big collection of hunting games. You can hunt for all kinds animals, from rabbits to deer, bears and birds. Practice your hunting skill. Get ready to put on your best hunting gear and fire of your gun, or use your bow and arrow for bow hunting. Play in many different places, such as in the jungle, the desert or the savanna. We have internet hunting games many levels which will put your shooting skills to a test. Many of our online hunting games have photo realistic graphic with amazing animal photage and sound. The different fun challenges have different weapons, so you can look through many different cross-hairs while aiming for your best shoot. Often in these animal hunt games you will be able to use your mouse to aim, and the left mouse button to shoot. If you decide to take a break from our realistic action-packed hunting adventures, then why not take a trip down memory lane, and have some fun with the classic Duck Hunt game which you will be able to play on one our partner websites. Remakes like that makes you want to come back for more. Luckily as this an website, you will be able to access it 365 days a year, and come back play some more hunting games whenever you want to. Have Fun!

One of the Most well-known Hunting Games is Deer Hunter

Deer Hunter is a series of hunting simulation video games. Originally available for Windows platform published by WizardWorks Software, it was also published on Mac, and later on Game Boy Color, PlayStation 2, and mobile phones. The first game in the series was developed for only USD$125,000, yet sold over a million copies and topped the PC game charts in 1997. Gameplay usually takes place in a thick forest or meadow during different seasons of the year. Animals and objects other than deer can be seen while playing, including Bigfoot and UFOs in some incarnations, but these serve no purpose other than scenery. Some animals may be shot and killed, but the player receives no trophy and will be penalized if the animal was a protected species. In the latest versions, players can also manage a deer herd with deer growth and genetics deciding the traits of offspring.

Hunting is a Year Round Sport

Hunting is a year round sport, which means you could be out in the wilderness every day of the year chasing your prey as long as you purchase the appropriate license and have the necessary equipment handy. For some people, that would be the dream life. Spending one day up in a tree stand hunting deer, another calling in waterfowl and a third going bow hunting out in the woods. Unfortunately, this is not how it is in real life, and because of that we created this hunting game section on our website, just for all you sportsmen which love to go hunting. No license to hunt is needed to play our online games, and you can play then whenever you would like to.

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Internet Games 365 let's you play fun free hunting games online. Since the introduction of in April 2014, we have entertained online gamers with new and innovative cool hunting games, and other fun internet games, that emphasize game play, awesome graphics and great quality. Since the beginnig we have offered cool free internet games in many categories such as Action, Aliens, Hunting, Super Heros, Trucks and Western. Our game selection has since then continued to grow. We highly recommend you visit our website for hours of fun entertaining games. If you are looking for some virtual hunting experience online, then you will not regret paying us visit. Remember we are here for you 365 days a year offering free online games.