Empire Island Game

Empire Island Game

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Build and defend your Empire Island through the ages in an epic journey of conquest and strategy! Watch your population grow and your empire flourish as you raise taxes and construct a dazzling array of 30 unique buildings, including formidable weapons from humble mud-ball towers to futuristic lasers and missiles. Fortify your defenses with explosive balloons, tesla coils, and mines. Harness the awe-inspiring power of nature with Acts of God, summoning devastating Lightning, Tsunamis, and Firestorms to obliterate your foes. Face an ever-evolving enemy, from primitive wooden boats to menacing alien invaders. With almost limitless upgrades, this physics-based strategy game offers unparalleled depth and challenge. Be warned: the Empire Island game demands real strategy and skill, taking about an hour to master. If you're looking for a quick win, this isn't for you. But if you're ready for a thrilling, strategic adventure, dive in and have fun!

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How to Play Empire Island Game

Use mouse to build, aim, fire and cursor keys/A & D to scroll. Game also features many keyboard shortcuts.

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