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Internet Games 365 offer free online truck games. Our Internet truck games takes your driving experience to whole new level. Take control over many different 18 wheelers, and do different exciting assignments. When you play our free games you can drive many different vehicles, transport merchandises on a semi truck, or drive at dangerous work sites. We have fun challenges for all kinds of gamers, if you are looking for intensive fun or just a relaxing experience we have the perfect free online game for you to play. Put your skills to a test with a double-clutch, and shift your way across lengthy highways on a mission to earn virtual cash and points. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to steer a mini-dump truck or a hefty 18-wheeler. With easy-to-learn controls, you'll be able to drive a big rig like a pro! In several online games, you'll race across steep terrain, attempting to keep your cargo on board before time runs out. Drive too recklessly, and your big rig might explode! Enjoy the many different types of game play and try your turn at action, adventure, and even strategy-based driving. Pick out your favorite type of rig, and start playing as a big rig driver in one of our truck games today! The best part is that all our truck internet games is online and available for you to play 365 days a year, which means every day. So, just come and play them whenever you want. Have Fun!

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Internet Games 365 let's you play fun free truck games online. Since the introduction of in April 2014, we have entertained online gamers with new and innovative cool truck games, and other fun internet games, that emphasize real-life game play, awesome graphics and great quality. Since the beginnig we have offered cool free internet games in many categories such as Action, Aliens, Hunting, Super Heros, Trucks and Western. Our game selection has since then continued to grow. We highly recommend you visit our website for hours of fun entertaining games. If you are looking for some virtual real-life truck driving experience online, then you will not regret visiting our fun website. Remember we are here for your entertainment needs 365 days a year offering free online games.

Who Invented the Semi Truck?

Alexander Winton invented the semi-truck in 1898 and sold his first manufactured semi-truck in 1899. This concept came in the midst of more than one hundred fifty patents of automobile and engine designs that he filed. This Scottish man started his career manufacturing bicycles in Cleveland and moved into the construction of "horseless carriages" in 1896. He sold his first manufactured car in 1898, and this led him to inventing the concept of the semi-truck to handle the delivery of his manufactured vehicles. The concept used a modified short wheeled touring automobile with a cart attached to it. The platform sat on the top of the engine portion and rested on a pair of wheels on the other end. The platform could only hold one automobile. Before the cart was mounted onto the pulling car, the automobile to be delivered was wheeled onto the ramp of the cart and fastened to the platform. The edge of the platform resting on the ground was then elevated and attached to the top of the trunk of the pulling vehicle. Over a century, the four-wheel design from Winton has evolved into an 18-wheeled articulated semi-truck with three axles. Today, semi trucks transport more than a million tons of goods each year in the United States that are taken to destinations by about 4 million truck drivers. More than 70 percent of all U.S. freight delivery.

Why do trucks have to stop and get weighed?

You have probably seen truck scales at the side of the freeway all the time, but do you know why it is that trucks have to get weighed? The roads are engineered to carry only so much weight in a given area. Trucks can, often do, carry heavier loads but must first purchase overweight permits from all the states the load is going to travel through. This "extra money" is to to go to the general fund to help cover the damage the extra weight subjects the roads and bridges.