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Internet Games 365 offer free online Alien games. If you like aliens, outer space action, and mysterious stories, then you would love our free online selection of Alien Internet games. You can take on all kinds of challenges, from fighting invaders to action to strategy. Shoot Alien creatures in close fights, work for the creation of a total apocalypse, or fire off rockets in our first person perspective shooters. Our online Alien game collection offers colorful high-res graphics, smooth game play and addicting Internet action. Go on a Mission to Mars, kill evil Aliens and control advanced robots. Abductions and unexplained phenomena await you in this section. Born from the farthest galaxies, these alien Internet games have you battling devastating extraterrestrial beings, or gift you with a few extra chromosomes and an alien spacecraft of your own. Our Alien Internet games are out of this world.

The First Alien Predator Video Game

The first video game of the Alien franchise was released in 1982, based on the 1979 film Alien. Subsequent video games were based on that film and its sequels. But, this wasn't the first video game which had aliens in it. To find that one we will need to a look at back the classic space shoot 'em up genre. The genre's origins can be traced back to Spacewar!, one of the very earliest computer games, developed in 1961 and eventually released in amusement arcades in the early 1970s. However, Tomohiro Nishikado, creator of Space Invaders, is generally credited with inventing the genre. Space Invaders premiered in Japanese arcades in 1978. The game used alien creatures inspired by The War of the Worlds (by H. G. Wells) because the developers were unable to render the movement of aircraft; in turn, the aliens replaced human enemies because of moral concerns (regarding the portrayal of killing humans) on the part of Taito Corporation. As with subsequent shoot 'em ups of the time, the game was set in space as the available technology only permitted a black background. The game also introduced the idea of giving the player a number of "lives". Space Invaders was a massive commercial success, causing a coin shortage in Japan, and gaining mainstream popularity in America.

The First Recorded UFO Sighting Happend About 214 B.C.

So, are Aliens real? Yes says some others say no. Well, if not, why have people been observing UFOs for more than 2000 years? In 214 B.C. an appearance of ships had shone forth from the sky was recorded as event that year. This is often considered the first evidence of an UFO sighting, back then there were no airplanes, helicopter or weather balloons. So, what were these mysterious ships. For all we know it could have been aliens making us a visit.

Why Are Aliens always seem to try to invade Earth?

In movies, when aliens invade our planet, they usually have a ludicrous motivation. Like, they're after our water. Or our gold. Let's say these aliens have high enough technology that they can travel to other star systems, but not enough to build ringworlds, or make barren planets habitable. In that case, taking our planet away might be worth it. When you go to build a new house, you don't worry about the ants or small animals that might have built nests or structures on the property.