Oil Tycoon 2 Game

Oil Tycoon 2 Game

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Manage your oil wells and earn profits! Start from nothing and expand your empire to become an oil tycoon. Your goal is to distribute oil to different countries and become rich. Oil Tycoon 2 is a fun, simple, tap tap, idle clicker game. It has hundreds of upgrades and achievements means you always have something to look forward to. You can complete different missions to win bonuses and speed up the oil platform construction right in time. You can begin to see already that Oil Tycoon 2 is an exciting game, and you have to have a bunch of tricks up your sleeve to become the new oligarch. Have fun!

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How to Play Oil Tycoon 2 Game

Tap or Tap and Hold to interact. Mine Oil to earn money. Earn upgrades to mine faster and earn more money. Build your mining base city factory. You should focus on automation of your workflow to increase your idle income. Get idle cash, even when you are offline. Profit from a smart investment or two to boost your economy. Get Reputed and increase your reputation to make more money. Manage operations of the company. Prestige feature to reset your progress and bump your game up to speed up progress even faster. Distribute oil to different territories, manage operations and make extra money from oil wells. Awesome cool interactive elements for maximum fun * First hand simulation for becoming an Oil Tycoon. Invest in black market and pray that FBI doesn't knock on your door. Expand from 1 oil driller to several different buildings and become the best Oil Tycoon you can be.

Oil is the fuel that drives the global economy

Oil is the fuel that drives the global economy more than any other material. It is widely used. It is used as a fuel for transportation, for heating of residential buildings as well as for the power generation in power plants. Unfortunately, there are some serious problems with the use of oil. This begins with the pollution in the pumping, and the transport of oil. However, the products of combustion are just as dangerous. The exhausts of internal combustion engines are highly toxic, for example. The worldwide rise in temperature is attributed to the widespread use of oil in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries as well.

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