Hunting Simulator Game

Hunting Simulator Game

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Welcome hunter! Hunting Simulator is hunters delight game. Hunt or be hunted as simple as that. You have hunter instincts, animals are there, upgrade your weapons for clear shot, nearest you get better chances of hunt it is. As the time runs out, you have to get clear shot before taking hunts out. Some animals are dangerous, they will fight back. Gives you unlocked levels for each perfect shot and be careful of timer, it can run out very soon and remember each shot matters. If you survive, then you have story to share with friends and some trophies to take with you in your drawing room. Have fun!

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How to Play Hunting Simulator Game

Use Right Click for Zooming.

Hunting is a Year-Round Sport

Hunting is a year-round sport, which means you could be out in the wilderness every day of the year chasing your prey as long as you purchase the appropriate license and have the necessary equipment handy. For some people, that would be the dream life if they are spending one day up in a tree stand hunting deer, and another calling in upland waterfowls. Or better yet, since bow hunting is often best in the early morning hours, spending the first part of the day out in the woods, and the second half of the day relaxing at a camp fire eating smores, with a nap in between to recharge. When hunting also be sure to set out early, as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Having everything packed the night before will make it easier for you to depart on time. Also, if you arrive early at your destination, you can get out, stretch and canvass the area sooner. No matter what season it is, or if you're toting a bow and arrow set, shotgun, turkey decoys and a large cooler, keep all your equipment in good shape and stored safely in a shaded area.

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