Crazy Goat Hunter Game

Crazy Goat Hunter Game

Crazy Goat Hunter Game Online - Play Free Fun Hunting Internet Games

In the Crazy Goat Hunter game you get to hunt the biggest and most dangerous animals in the world. With access to powerful guns you will rely on your marksman skills to kill and trap animals including Zebras, Bears, Cheetahs, Elephants, Lions and even dinosaurs escaped from parks. Moreover, chasing your targets on a moving truck makes the game even more challenging. Have fun!

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How to Play Crazy Goat Hunter Game

Use keyboard arrows to control the player. Use right mouse button for focus. Use left mouse button for shooting.

Can you hunt goats in the US?

Most western states do offer mountain goat tags through permit lotteries, but the odds of drawing are slim. It's best to team up with a bunch of friends and make a deal: if one of you draws a mountain goat tag, you all go along and share the experience, costs, and meat. There's no shortage of opportunities to hunt mountain goats as population estimates put them somewhere in excess of 100,000 animals across North America. Whether you've spent decades building points to draw a coveted tag in the lower-48, or you're hunting an over-the-counter tag in Canada or Alaska. All the goat meat I've had has had excellent flavor. Steaks and roasts were a little tougher/chewier but still excellent. The loins and straps were cooked like any other game meat.

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