Alien Planet 3D Shooter Game

Alien Planet 3D Shooter Game

Alien Planet 3D Shooter Game Online - Play Fun Free Alien Internet Games

Alien Planet is a very exciting 3D Shooter game. The Earth is menaced by an alien invasion. You are a member of a crew designated by the United Nations to eliminate the aliens. This free online game features a sci-fi theme, 2 game modes, Multiple weapons and a Level-up system. Have fun!

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How to Play Alien Planet 3D Shooter Game

WASD or Arrow keys: move, Left mouse button: fire, Right mouse button: aim, Space bar: jump. Use 1,2,3,4,5 to change weapon. Tab to pause game. Ctrl: crouch and Left Shift: Run.

Alien Shooting Games offer more than just plain shooting fun

An abandoned spaceship lost in space, dark unexplored chambers harboring your most unimaginable fears and a disgruntled, lone ship member struggling to survive hordes of reptilian creatures. They are all part of an alien shooter genre of video games that have always entertained fans ever since the release of Alien Breed in 1993. The excitement of squishing swarms of virtual extraterrestrial creatures with an arsenal of weapons and encountering the most hideous bosses best describes the addictiveness of old school alien shooters. With excellent graphics, creepy sound effects and intelligent AI, today’s alien shooting games offer more than just plain shooting fun.

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