Get the Stars Game

Get the Stars Game

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Get the Stars is a casual alien themed puzzle game. Our cute little alien has reached and stuck in some strange maze, help to collect the keys to open the locks and escape from the mazes. The goal is to collect all the stars of each area, get the key, and proceed to the next challenge. Make your move statistically and collect the stars, if you make one wrong move, you will make a little alien stuck there, but do not worry, just restart the level and win the game. Have fun!

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How to Play Get the Stars Game

Touch, PC (Mouse, Arrows, WASD, Gamepad (Player Move, Restart)). The goal is to collect all the stars of each area and get the keys to unlock your path to the next challenge.

Fun Facts About Stars for Kids

Mankind has been fascinated by flares in the sky since the beginning of time. Ancient faith was turned into a science, so that careful people discovered a system within the celestial bodies. Sailors and scholars calculated their routes or annual cycles with the help of stars. The light that we perceive in the world on a beautiful summer evening can sometimes be several hundred thousand years old. The reason for this is the distance of the planets, which radiate their light into space at the speed of light. The speed of light is relatively small compared to the size of the universe. By comparison, a motorist would circle the earth once at about 10 km/h.

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