Army Trucks Hidden Objects Game

Army Trucks Hidden Objects Game

Army Trucks Hidden Objects Game Online - Play Free Fun Truck Internet Games

Some trucker jobs are more dangerous than other, to transport a bomb is an especially dangerous task. Army Trucks Hidden Objects is a game with hidden bombs. You need to find all 10 hidden bombs in one image for 60 seconds. It is easy and most of the bombs is clearly visible. This game has six levels. So find all bombs and pass all levels to win in this game. Use mouse or tap on your screen when you notice some hidden bomb in the image. Have fun!

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How to Play Army Trucks Hidden Objects Game

Use mouse to play this game. Find all bombs, they are easy masked.

How are missiles, bombs transported and stored?

All manner of explosives are transportable by road under the assumption that the truck carries the appropriate hazard-class signage. For explosives specifically, you would be looking for orange signs with numbers on them that indicate severity of the load being carried. Munitions are never transported with their fuses in civilian situations - The weapons are disassembled, packed into safe containers and then shipped. Their fusing devices are almost always transported separately. Munitions are stored in specially constructed containers which prevent sparking and the weapons themselves from moving around. Munitions are carefully handled at all steps of the transportation process. Munitions are only handled by experienced personnel at loading and unloading points. However, with the exception of developing nations, there have been no major munitions-related accidents in many years. This is due to training and to strict safety measures being undertaken when weapons are transported.

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