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Real Chess Game

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Develop your intelligence with this the most realistic chess game! You can play the game for 2 player or against the AI. You can set 4 different difficulty levels against the computer.Level 1 (green) is defined as the easiest and level 4 (red) as the smartest.The game can be played on 8x8 and 6x6 boards.There are also 3D and 2D view options. Have fun!

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How to Play Real Chess Game

Mouse and Touch. Click and drag the pieces to the spots you want them.

Chess is the game of Kings

Chess is known as the game of kings. That is not necessarily due to the fact that only kings can play this game, but rather that the most important piece in the game is the king. Around him are your other characters with which you need to protect your king on the one hand, and on the other hand try to capture your opponent's king. Chess is an ancient game that has evolved from an Indian game. This was played by four people. Via the trade routes, it came to Persia and became a royal game there. Chess is derived from the Persian word Shah for king. In the thirteenth century, it then came to Europe and was first played by nobles as well as knights. Only gradually did it spread among the lower population. Chess is one of the most popular board games today and enjoys a great reputation. Although the moves of the individual figures are fairly easy to learn, the difficulty of the game, however, is to strategically build op one's moves and be able to anticipate the moves of one's opponent.

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