Knight Dash Game

Knight Dash Game

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Strap on your helmet and equip your sword in this action game. Knight Dash it is a very fun and fast game. Your objective is to find the key to go to the next level. Be careful on the way, the many things scattered around the castle. Use obstacles to stop and pivot to your advantage. Think ahead because you may not be able to go back to where you were. Have fun!

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How to Play Knight Dash Game

Use the mouse or touch to move Use the arrow keys to move.

Be a Knight and protect the Hidden Gold in the Castle

Knights are said to be brave and honorable and they were the ones who were tasked with the security of any Kingdom, City, or Village. The knights were especially trained to be formidable soldiers. One has heard tales of some of the exploits of knights in the olden times. Now you have been given the chance to be a knight and protect the gold that is hidden in the castle. You master, the king, requires this of you, without any doubt, so you have to shape up and protect the gold. There is a fierce battle as marauding raiders try and enter the castle so they can steal the gold, but you and the other knights have put up a brave battle. However, you are soon left on your own to protect a vulnerable point on the castle wall, so you have to fight to your utter best in order to stop the enemy from getting into the castle and surprising everyone, and thereby making away with the gold. This is a fantastic free online bejeweled game in which you try your best to keep the castle safe. You only do so by progressing up the levels when you attain the goals of each. Match the gems in groups of three or more and attain the task for each level in order to win.

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