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Backgammon Game

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One of the oldest and most popular board games and dice games is Backgammon. It's history can be traced back nearly 5,000 years to archaeological discoveries in the Middle East, specifically in Mesopotamia (ancient Sumer). It is a two player game where each player has fifteen pieces (checkers) which move between twenty-four triangles (points) according to the roll of two dice. The objective of the game is to be first to bear off, i.e. move all fifteen checkers off the board. Backgammon is a game of chance, where your skill also matters. Over time, you will get better at weighing the risks, assessing your opponent and consequently you will start to get better and better at playing the free web game.

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How to Play Backgammon Game

Use the mouse or touch the screen to play this free online game. In front of you, you have a game table with 24 fields, on which each player has 15 game pieces each, which are distributed in the initial arrangement. n order to move a piece, you have to just click on it. The possible fields for you to move your game piece to light up immediately. You have to just click on one and your game piece will move there right away. You can now beat individual stones of your opponent, with which he then has to start all over again. If he has two or more stones on a field, you may not enter it. You should therefore avoid letting your game pieces stand on your own, as they can be beaten in this case. It is recommended to cover as many fields as possible with two stones to make it harder for your opponent.

You can trace Backgammon back to Ancient Egypt

You can trace the origins of Backgammon back to Ancient Egypt, where a precursor to the game was played over 5,000 years ago. The game, known as "Senet," was played on a board with 30 squares arranged in three rows of ten. The rules of Senet are not entirely clear, but it is believed to have been a game of both skill and chance, much like Backgammon. Senet boards have been found in tombs and burial chambers, suggesting that the game held significant cultural and religious importance in ancient Egyptian society.

Over time, the game evolved and spread to other civilizations, including the Roman Empire, where it was known as "Tabula." Tabula was similar to modern Backgammon but was played on a slightly different board. The game continued to evolve throughout the centuries, with variations played in different parts of the world. Even in the excavations of Pompeii, murals were found with games similar to Backgammon. It eventually became known as Backgammon in the 17th century, when it gained popularity in England and other European countries. Today, Backgammon remains a popular game enjoyed by millions of people around the world, carrying with it a rich history that stretches back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt. Backgammon is one of the games of chance and is therefore not tolerated everywhere.

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