Classic Pinball Game

Classic Pinball Game

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Move your paddle to hit the steel ball. Watch as the ball bounces around the arcade machine, raking up points for you. You only have three balls, so make them count. The online game includes an interactive tutorial. Easy to learn, hard to master. It is time to show how talented you are as a pinball player. Enjoy the pumping background music and sound effects. Have fun!

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How to Play Classic Pinball Game

Move your paddle to hit the steel ball.

Pinball Machines in the 80s

It was a time of change. In the 80s, the first video games were released for consoles. Because of these newly arrived competitors, the manufacturers of pinball machines corresponded with new features, such as double-level playing fields. Pinball machines, which had the speakers built into the headboard, also became popular. The success of recent years, however, still could not be matched. The volatile industry now developed pinball devices, which had a display in addition to a classic game surface, which could play back animations when a particular gaming goal had been achieved. The sales problems still continued to grow. Many manufacturers had to announce the stop of the production of pinball machines.

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