Yoga Fever Game

Yoga Fever Game

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It is a nice summer day and the beach is waiting for you and you yoga mat. Let's have a great time with the Yoga Fever game now. Enjoy 30+ unique levels. Have fun!

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How to Play Yoga Fever Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen. Adjust the character arms and leg like shown as reference.

Reasons why you should do Yoga on the Beach

It is time to turn the beach into your own personal studio. According to several reliable sources performing yoga on the beach is incredibly revitalizing and brings you a little closer to the original purpose of yoga: achieving unity. When you do yoga outside you are honoring your interconnection with all life. Find a spot with full or partial shade or simply head outside in the early morning before 10am. To get the most out of your outdoor surroundings and really connect with them, orient your practice toward as natural a view as you can find. Take advantage of nature's yoga mat: grass. Grass feels great under your feet and electrical currents from the soil may help normalize your body's circuitry. To avoid listening to barking dogs, loud traffic and other city noises you should cue up your ipod with tunes that helps you focus.

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