Save the Cowboy Game

Save the Cowboy Game

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Save the Cowboy is a challenging game of archery where you must free the cowboys that have been hung on the stalls using only your bow and arrow. You must aim extremely carefully and hit the rope that is hanging each cowboy, when you break the rope you save their lives. Have fun!

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How to Play Save the Cowboy Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen to play. Drag left mouse button to pull, release to shoot. Each cowboy has a health bar and the longer you take to cut the rope, the more their health will drain. Furthermore if you hit a cowboy with an arrow you will substantially drain their health and possibly kill them! As you progress the levels become harder and you have to save more targets in a range of difficult positions. Furthermore on some levels you have to release the bow and arrow from a protective bubble before you can fire it! Can you become a hero in the wild west and save the cowboys?

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