Dynamite Drop Game

Dynamite Drop Game

Dynamite Drop Game Online - Play Free Fun Western Outlaw Games

Defuse the dynamite by shooting blocks, barrels, cans and more to cause the dynamite down into the water. Beat each level in as few shots as possible for the high score but be quick, you only have limited time before the fuse runs out and the dynamite goes BOOM. Have fun!

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How to Play Dynamite Drop Game

Touch of click anywhere on screen to shoot.

What is an Outlaw

According to WikiPedia an outlaw is a person who has broken the law, especially one who remains at large or is a fugitive. In historical legal systems, an outlaw is declared as outside the protection of the law. In pre-modern societies, the criminal is withdrawn all legal protection, so that anyone is legally empowered to persecute or kill them. Outlawry was thus one of the harshest penalties in the legal system. In the United States, where outlaws were popular subjects of newspaper coverage and stories in the 19th century, and 20th century fiction and Western movies. Thus, "outlaw" is still commonly used to mean those violating the law or, by extension, those living that lifestyle, whether actual criminals evading the law or those merely opposed to "law-and-order" notions of conformity and authority.

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