Superhero Memory Match Game

Superhero Memory Match Game

Superhero Memory Match Game Online - Play Free Fun Superhero Web Games

Who's your favorite Marvel or DC hero? Here you get to match your favorite comic book superhero in this memory match game. Match cool superheroes such as Black Panther, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Superman, Captain America, Batman & Robin, Flash and more. The beautiful pop culture artwork will be a pleasure to your eyes. Enjoy a simple, crisp game-play!

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How to Play Superhero Memory Match Game

Watch the interactive tutorial for more tips on how to play.

How to Tackle Memory Match Games

Over the course of the game, it becomes known where certain cards are located, and so upon turning up one card players with good memory will be able to remember where they have already seen its pair. It is common for many players to think they know where pairs are and to turn over the one they are sure of first, then be stumped finding its mate. A better strategy is to turn over a less certain card first, so that if wrong, one knows not to bother turning a more certain card over.

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