Pirate Adventure Game

Pirate Adventure Game

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Blackbeard has hidden the treasure and you need to collect map pieces from him in order to find it. Fun and engaging activities rarely happen to be useful in other ways. In gaming, educational products tend to be way less enjoyable than their regular counterparts. However, some developers manage to achieve the impossible and combine the two successfully. Playing a Pirate Adventure game online feels like exploring a distant island. The protagonist is looking for a legendary treasure buried somewhere in the sand. Only Blackbeard knows where it is located. Unfortunately, he is only willing to give it to someone worthy. Solve his riddles based on mathematical puzzles to earn the reward and find the treasure. Have fun!

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How to Play Pirate Adventure Game

The old corsair will only part with the map on his terms. He came up with 6 questions to test the candidates. Answer them all to prove that the riches won't go to waste. Move by pressing WASD or the arrow keys. Press E to interact and talk to townsfolk. Follow the yellow arrow to reach the next point of interest. If someone asks for a favor, do it. In exchange, they will provide tips and clues that will help with the challenges. When ready, approach Blackbeard and try to pass his multiple-choice test. Failure is not punished in any way. Just contemplate on the mistakes and give it another go later. It's never too late to study and develop a better understanding of various concepts. Revising the knowledge acquired at school is also a good practice. Start a new Pirate Adventure game free of charge using a web browser. Do everything it takes to dig out the fabled chest. Just remember that there is nothing more valuable than enlightenment.

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