Battleships Pirates Game

Battleships Pirates Game

Battleships Pirates Game Online - Play Free Fun Pirate Web Games

Are you in for a reckless adventure? These brave girls love the sea and adventures. Let's play as pirates, crush all enemy's battleships, and seek the treasures. You can upgrade your ships, play dodgy, and may the fortune be with you. Now bring back those horizon and have fun!

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How to Play Battleships Pirates Game

Use mouse to choose which slot do you want to hit. You also use mouse to choose which skill do you want to use.

Fun Facts about Female Pirates

While piracy was predominantly a male occupation, a minority of pirates were women. According to WikiPedia there are many fun and interesting facts about these jolly rogers. Pirates did not allow women onto their ships very often. Additionally, women were often regarded as bad luck among pirates. It was feared that the male members of the crew would argue and fight over the women. Because of the resistance to allowing women on board, many female pirates did not identify themselves as such. Anne Bonny, for example, dressed and acted as a man while on Captain Calico Jack's ship. She and Mary Read, another female pirate, are often identified as being unique in this regard. However, many women dressed as men during the Golden Age of Piracy, in an effort to take advantage of the many rights, privileges, and freedoms that were exclusive to men.

Caribbean Pirate Girl Facts

According to female caribbean pirates were extremely rare, but women did occasionally strap on a cutlass and pistol and take to the seas. The most famous examples were Anne Bonny and Mary Read, who sailed with “Calico Jack” Rackham in 1719. Bonny and Read dressed as men and reportedly fought just as well (or better than) their male counterparts. When Rackham and his crew were captured, Bonny and Read announced that they were both pregnant and thus avoided being hanged along with the others.

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