4 in Row Mania Game

4 in Row Mania Game

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The classic and popular two-player connecting game. Be the first to connect four pieces of your color in a vertically suspended grid. Set the difficulty level and play against the CPU or against a friend by taking turns and dropping your colorful pieces into the grid, trying to outsmart your opponent. Have fun!

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How to Play 4 in Row Mania Game

Two players (or player vs CPU) take turns, dropping one piece of their color into a desired column. The first one to achieve a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of four wins.

The Connect Four game - A Childhood Memory

I remember it as clear as day it was a summer night back in 86, I was staying with my grandparents in their camper. It was a thunderstorm and raining heavily outside, we sat inside drinking hot cocoa and my grandma and I played 4 in a row. We played a and played over and over again. It was actually my first shot at this game, and I loved it right away. I played it a lot more that summer. Today I am grown up and my grandma past away some years ago, but the childhood memory of playing this game in my grandparents camper that summer still stick with me. Also, somehow eventhough it was my first time playing 4 in a Row, I seemed to win over my grandma every time. Maybe that's what made it so fun for a little girl. That one summer night.

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