Captain Sniper Game

Captain Sniper Game

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You're not just a superhero detective, you're the last line of defense for innocent lives. Today's mission crackles with urgency as intel reveals a coalition of ruthless terrorists plotting an imminent assault on civilians. Your role as a sharpshooting sentinel demands action. It's time to dismantle this nefarious plot and safeguard the vulnerable. Grip your trusted sniper rifle, feel the weight of responsibility, and embark on this adrenaline-fueled quest to thwart evil. Embrace the challenge, channel your unwavering resolve, and let the pulse-pounding pursuit for justice begin!

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How to Play Captain Sniper Game

Use the mouse to control the front sight and snipe the enemy.

What is a Sniper

A sniper is a skilled individual who works solo, in pairs, or as part of a sniper team. They focus on staying hidden while keeping a close eye on the enemy and taking out targets from far distances that surpass the enemy's ability to spot them. These experts usually undergo intense and specific training. They rely on advanced rifles, optics, and communication tools to relay crucial combat data to their units or military bases.

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