Gangster War Game

Gangster War Game

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Get ready for fun and action-packed gang warfare. Fight against gang-bangers trying to invade your territory in Gangster War. Get even stronger with 6 different upgradeable weapons. As you defend your territory, you will earn money. With these coins, you can strengthen your area, get more powerful weapons or use bombs in the game. Gangster War game is with you with 40 different levels, 12 different enemies and 6 different upgradeable weapons. Have fun!

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How to Play Gangster War Game

Touch to the war zone on screen to aim the target.

Fascinating Facts of the Modern Gangster

According to The Telegraph the modern gangster is like that of the CEO of a multi-national business, switching their operations from heroin to cannabis farms, and from cigarette smuggling to people trafficking, in search of minimal risk and maximum profit. Guns are still the gangster weapon of choice, but computer crime are on the rise. Criminals have taken advantage of the confusion caused by the economic crisis and bank mergers, especially by using "phishing" techniques. Gangster criminals move around to exploit the fragmented structure of policing. Children are exploited as drug runners or dealers, and sometimes used as gun "minders" because if they are caught they will not face a minimum of five years in jail.

Al Capone is the Most Fascinating Gangster of All Time

According to Al Capone is one of the most infamous characters from American history. Al Capone's career as a crime boss in Prohibition-Era Chicago is very well known. Nevertheless for all his violent crimes, either committed by himself or by members of his gang, he really is, in certain respects, no different than many successful businessmen. So, Capone didn't start out in life as a criminal. While he was a member of Brooklyn gangs as a young man, he really didn’t get into any significant trouble. It wasn't all booze-running and machine-gunning for Capone. He also was, in surprising ways, a philanthropist. When the stock market crashed and the Depression struck in 1929, Capone was the first person to open soup kitchens for workers who were down on their luck. Capone acted like an ordinary businessman in another way: he loved golf. Generally, the mobsters of his day loved sports. Capone, who managed the careers of some fighters, enjoy baseball as well. If you want to feel like a real gangster, then we recommend you to play our free Gangster War game.

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