Couples Yoga 3D Game

Couples Yoga 3D Game

Couples Yoga 3D Game Online - Play Free Fun Yoga Internet Games

Get ready to do some yoga poses in Couple Yoga 3D. Let's have an exciting time with the Couple Yoga 3D game right now. What you need to do is to perform the same yoga pose as the instructor shows you. Use your mouse or tap the screen to move the correct body parts. Have fun!

11,125 play times

How to Play Couples Yoga 3D Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen.

Fun Yoga Mat Facts for Couples

According to WikiPedia yoga mats are specially fabricated mats used as an aid during the practice of hatha yoga to prevent hands and feet slipping during asana practice. They are also commonly known as non-slip mats, non-skid mats or sticky mats. Ancient practice in India was originally conducted on kusha grass, on hard earth without any cover, or on a rug of deer or tiger skin. Due to the scarcity and cost of such rugs, they are now rarely used even in India. Yoga mats are available in many colors and patterns. "Alignment mats" are printed with guides to proper alignment. Some companies print custom images on mats. Other items used to complement these exercise mats are belts, blocks and bricks. Yoga mats increasingly fulfill the purpose of reducing risk of injury and some insurance companies require this meditation practice to be executed with a non-slip mat in order to be eligible for coverage.

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