Wild West Shooting Game

Wild West Shooting Game

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YeeHaw! Become a real cowboy in the wild west. You have a gun and ammo, shoot at the enemies and make cool head shots. Use the bounce ability to kill multiple enemies. Aim well because you have limited ammo, use less ammo to get three stars. This is a fast-paced and addictive cowboy style shooting game. Have fun!

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How to Play Wild West Shooting Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen.

Wild Wild West also name of a movie starring Will Smith and Salma Hayek

Wild Wild West is a 1999 American steampunk western action-comedy film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. A big-screen adaptation of the 1965-1969 TV series The Wild Wild West, it stars Will Smith, Kevin Kline (who appears in dual roles as the protagonist Artemus Gordon and as President Ulysses S. Grant), Kenneth Branagh and Salma Hayek. Similar to the series, the film features a large amount of gadgetry. It serves as a parody, however, as the gadgetry is more highly advanced, implausible steampunk technology and bizarre mechanical inventions, including innumerable inventions of the mechanological geniuses Artemus Gordon and Dr. Loveless, such as nitroglycerine-powered penny-farthing bicycles, spring-loaded notebooks, bulletproof chain mail, flying machines, steam tanks, and Loveless's giant mechanical spider. While popular, Wild Wild West did not live up to its creators' blockbuster expectations.

Wild Wild West is also name of TV series from the 60s

The Wild Wild West is an American television series that ran on CBS for four seasons. Developed at a time when the television western was losing ground to the spy genre, this show was conceived by its creator, Michael Garrison, as "James Bond on horseback." Set during the administration of President Ulysses Grant (1869-77), the series followed Secret Service agents James West (Robert Conrad) and Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin) as they solved crimes, protected the President, and foiled the plans of megalomaniacal villains to take over all or part of the United States. The show also featured a number of fantasy elements, such as the technologically advanced devices used by the agents and their adversaries. The combination of the Victorian era time-frame and the use of Verne-esque technology has inspired some to give the show credit as being one of the more "visible" origins of the steampunk subculture. Despite high ratings, the series was canceled near the end of its fourth season as a concession to Congress over television violence.

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