Western Cowboy Run Game

Western Cowboy Run Game

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Waves of zombies in Mexico! Play Western Cowboy Run and become a macho fighter. When your town is overrun by Zombies, there's only one thing to do - reduce wave after wave of zombies in this endless shooting adventure. Show off your firing skills, keep dashin Western Cowboy Run forward, and overcome obstacles on the way. The atmosphere of the West lives in every detail: the colors, drawings, sound effects. Get primed for heated matches with only 2 goals: kill and survive. Have fun!

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How to Play Western Cowboy Run Game

Played with the mouse and space key. The action starts the moment you launch the title. You immediately dash towards the dangers ahead. The movement is automatic and proceeds at stable speeds. Armed with a gun, you shoot at the beasts that come at you. Tap Space to fire and click on the screen to leap up into the air. Try to hold on as long as you can. It's ok if you lose a couple of times. Mistakes give you experience and teach clever tactics to win. Luckily, you have 3 lives to spare. The longer you run and the more monsters you kill, the more coins you get. Once you save enough, have a look at the shop. It features 3 weapons: the revolver is available right away. Powerful shotguns are unlocked with in-game cash. They are advanced and shoot several bullets simultaneously. Very useful, especially when the enemies are numerous.

A Mexican Cowboy Killing Zombies

First of all, zombies are not that simple to destroy. Some die at a first shoot, while others need more bullets to fall down. Among other threats, there are cactuses, leghold traps, jumping stones, etc. The most annoying one is an aim hanging in the air. It makes it risky to jump. The only way to overcome them is to hit them with your gun. Remember to do it several times to truly destroy them.

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