Super Hero Merge Game

Super Hero Merge Game

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If you're a fan of popular comic book universes and casual gaming, you're in luck. A quick Super Hero Merge game online is a great distraction from everyday tasks and troubles. You won't have to do any fighting or shooting. The characters will follow your commands. Match cards of the same kind to make them more effective and produce new heroes. Beat the low-level villain cards and don't let the high-level ones overwhelm the screen. Use your mind instead of brute force to overcome the agents of evil. Can you withstand the enemy's attack long enough to unlock the most powerful characters? Have fun!

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How to Play Super Hero Merge Game

Touch and Drag or Sweep to merge your hero or treasure to level up. Merge the cards by sliding them horizontally and vertically on a 5 by 5 grid. Click, hold, and drag a character onto a spot they can occupy. The blue ones are the heroes, the red ones are the villains. The image and the power vary depending on the level of the card. A 2 can beat another 2, or a 1 but cannot beat a 4. Combine two 3s to create a 4 - now you can attack a higher-level antagonist. Yellow treasures work the same way. Put them together to get a higher score. Watch the hint icon in the upper-right corner to anticipate what comes next. Evil never sleeps. The good guys have to keep fighting it in a never-ending battle. You are the only one capable of devising the right strategy and helping the heroes. If you're ready to take on this challenge, enjoy a Super Hero Merge game free of charge. It's a great way to kill a few minutes or hours depending on your skill. Join the army of light, and send the darkness back where it came from.

Super Hero Merge is a Battle of Minds

Sometimes unrelated gaming genres represented on our website intersect and produce surprisingly compelling results. The idea of putting famous heroes into a puzzle seems underwhelming but works amazingly well. The players will have to use logic and think several steps ahead to avoid disaster. Only careful planning will get you far and let your playthrough continue for hours. You will lose the battle in minutes if you don't pay attention and act mindlessly. Your squad of superhuman characters depends on you. Don't let your mistakes become their downfall.

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