SimCity Game

SimCity Game

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The first installment in the highly acclaimed SimCity franchise by Maxis' Will Wright. The game-play centers around developing and managing a city in a variety of scenarios using a combination of different zones and buildings.

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How to Play SimCity Game

Enter to start, use the arrow keys to navigate the menus. Select stuff with X key. Combine the Z key with the arrows to explore the map. There are more details about the controls within the game and you can even customize them.

Sim City - The Story

The original Sim City was released at the very end of the decade. It was remarkably popular and offered a unique, open-ended experience to players. It allowed them to design and build cities without a certain goal or endgame. Even in the first incarnation of the game, the number of options was insane. Perhaps most importantly, it showed that video games didn’t all need to be about alien invaders or evil monsters.