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Frogger Game

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The original Frogger needs little introduction. It was a hugely successful game when released in 1981. It is developed by Konami and licensed by Sega/Gremlin. It is by no doubt the most famous video game starring a frog. The Frogger game was released in 1981 and has become a popular and classic web game. There have been remakes and sequels to the classic Frogger video game. Your object is to get the frog across the road without getting run over. This version of Frogger maintains everything that makes the original game great while improving the visual fidelity for modern screens. Have Fun!

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How to Play Frogger Game

The concept of Frogger is simple. Just get that frog from A to B. Yet it's a challenge to execute. Move your frog using the arrow keys. Be careful. Avoid the moving vehicles. On the river, jump across the logs to get your frog to its “frog home”. There are five of these homes, so you have to repeat this four more times. Then you move to the next level. Each level adds even more difficulty. Expect crocodiles, snakes, faster moving vehicles and rapid flowing rivers as you get further into the game. This poses a challenge to a mere frog with three lives.

Frogger - Game Tip

Everything in Frogger moves predictably. The vehicles are all moving in time. The logs have set speeds and orders which can be exploited by a savvy gamer. The same goes for them pesky snakes and crocodiles, too. Get a feel for the timings, hone your reflexes, and play frequently to master this game.

Frogger Video Game - Game Play

The player takes control of Frogger and must get him past the cars and trucks. Jump on the turtles and logs and into one of five frog holes. One of the holes might contain an alligator or snake. Catching bugs and escorting lady frogs will give bonus points. Many ways dying include, hit by traffic falling into the river, eaten by alligator or snake, or riding a log or turtle all the way to the edge of the screen.

Enemies in the Frogger Video Game

Cars, Trucks, Buses, Vans, Taxis and Bicycles - They go on the highway and can run over the frog. Snakes - will try to eat the frog. Alligators - Swimming in the river and will eat the frog. Otters - Block the way to the river.

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