Burger Time Game

Burger Time Game

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Burger Time, released in 1982, starred chef Peter Pepper navigating a platform maze while assembling burgers and dodging pursuing foes. The game, initially titled "Hamburger," was later renamed Burger Time for its US debut by Data East USA and Bally Midway. To complete burgers, players guide Peter Pepper over ingredients, causing them to drop and form a tasty stack on a waiting plate, all while avoiding enemies like Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle, and Mr. Egg. Pepper can use pepper shots to briefly stun adversaries and earn extra shots by collecting bonus foods. With six increasingly challenging screens featuring more elaborate burgers and cunning enemy tactics, finishing all levels loops back to the first for continued burger-flipping action.

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How to Play Burger Time Game

Click enter a couple times to get the game started. Use the arrow keys to play. X key is used for peppering the egg or hot dog to stop them. Make sure to avoid dastardly hot dogs, pickles and fried eggs trying to end our culinary adventures. While making burgers, the player must avoid the antagonists, three types of enemies: Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle, and Mr. Egg. Enemies can be dodged, stunned, crushed with a falling ingredient, or dropped by luring them onto an ingredient and then causing it to fall. In this last case, the piece will fall much farther than normal, depending on how many enemies are on it. Enemies that have been crushed or dropped return to the maze after a few seconds. Dropped enemies award larger point values than crushed ones; therefore, to obtain a high score, the player must attract more than one enemy onto an ingredient just before dropping it.

The History Behind the Burger Time game

Burger Time, a beloved arcade game of the early '80s, emerged from the creative kitchen of Data East. Initially dubbed "Hamburger," the game underwent a name change to Burger Time before making its debut in the United States. Players took on the role of chef Peter Pepper, maneuvering through maze-like platforms to construct towering burgers while evading persistent food adversaries. Developed for the DECO Cassette System, Burger Time swiftly gained popularity, captivating arcade enthusiasts with its unique blend of culinary chaos and strategic gameplay. Its success prompted licensing by Data East USA for distribution through Bally Midway, marking its widespread reach across arcade halls. With its charming concept and addictive gameplay, Burger Time became an iconic fixture in the golden age of arcade gaming, leaving an indelible mark on gaming history as a delightful and challenging culinary escapade.

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