Rum and Gun Game

Rum and Gun Game

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Got Pirating In Your Blood, Eh Lad? Within just a few minutes of game-play, our surly hero of this Rum and Gun game has a sword in one hand, a gun in the other, and a bottle of rum on his hip - now that's how a real pirate operates! If you want to succeed in this game, all you have to do is think like a pirate. Your job is to conquer the high seas and every island you crash your mast into as you search for treasure. Fight against pirates, wild beasts and otherworldly horrors. You start out with a sword, but as you play, you'll quickly acquire guns, bombs, and all kinds of fun weapons to take out anyone who stands in your way. Since you're a pirate, you can heal your wounds with rum - it's like water to them. This is your chance to become a legendary pirate captain on the Indian Ocean. So, in a nutshell, explore, conquer your enemies, find awesome treasure, and have fun!

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How to Play Rum and Gun Game

WASD or arrows to move. Left click to attack, Right click to melee attack Numbers or mouse wheel to change weapon E to drink rum F to play fiddle R to reload Q to run Space for spell I to show/hide inventory P to pause.

The Barbary Wars was a series of Pirate conflicts

According to WikiPedia the Barbary Wars was a series of conflicts that culminated in two wars fought at different times over the same reasons between the United States, Sweden, and the Barbary states of Northern Africa. At issue was the Barbary pirates' demand for tribute from American merchant vessels in the Mediterranean Sea. If ships of a given country failed to pay, pirates would attack the ship and take their goods, and often enslave crew members or hold them for ransom. When Thomas Jefferson became President he refused to pay tribute and sent a United States Naval fleet to the Mediterranean; they bombarded the various fortified pirate cities, ultimately extracting concessions of fair passage from their rulers.

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