Island of Pirates Game

Island of Pirates Game

Island of Pirates Game Online - Play Free Fun Pirate Web Games

Become an incredible pirate fighter on the Island. Battle against soldiers and eliminate all enemies from the Island. Fight in the greatest war against the blue soldiers. Take care and be the best!

11,195 play times

How to Play Island of Pirates Game

WASD to Move. SHIFT for Run. L for the lock screen. Q for roll over. SPACE for the jump.

Why Pirates are Awesome

According to pirates are awesome. All captains are responsible for running an entire crew and it is their job to make sure that they are doing their job. Pirates always have rival ships and crews, so they know it is important to stick together and fight for the cause, not just yourself. With all the conflict and fleeing going on it’s no surprise that these men tend to be in good shape, however that doesn’t include any war wounds they may have acquired. Pirates can gain quite a few possessions during their ventures, and it’s these possessions that can help them to function from day to day. Think what you will of pirates, as they think what they will of you. As hostile as they may seem they’re just trying to survive in a world full of limitations.

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