Speed Pinball Game

Speed Pinball Game

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When you think about the principle of a pinball machine as well as its nature or design, everyone will remember the most distinctive features: Four legs, one or more balls, a neat portion of gaming fun and a tilt mode. Here we are introducing another great pinball game, Speed Pinball, where the goal is to collect the gems before the time runs out. Enjoy randomly generated gems and obstacles in an endless game-play, you can play for hours at a time. This fun online game is not only special in terms of is graphical presentation, but also enchants you with its unique game play. Take advantage of every possible opportunity to collect as many points as possible. Have fun!

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How to Play Speed Pinball Game

Control the flippers to knock the pinball towards the gems. Collect special power-ups such as the magnet bar and sureshots. Use gems to upgrade your attributes

The head attachment to a Pinball Machine

One of the most important parts of a pinball machine is the so-called head attachment. This is a vertical structure at the rear end of a machine. Covered by a thick pane of glass, the manufacturer and product names are displayed there. While playing, the player looks directly at this head attachment. Therefore, the points indicator in its different forms is also located there. In later years, a display was built into the head attachment, which allowed for the use of different animations. In addition, the entire attachment was decorated with additional lights, which was beneficial to the overall picture of a pinball machine. In this way, the customers were to be attracted.

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