Gumball Pinball Game

Gumball Pinball Game

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Gumball Pinball is a classic arcade pinball game with a gumball candy feel. Release the pinball and move the flipper to catch and fend the ball back up. Manage to bounce the ball into the candy to consume them and keep the ball moving and catch them with flipper each time. You have limited balls to play so play them wisely. Enjoy this fun arcade pinball game!

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How to Play Gumball Pinball Game

Use spacebar to release the ball. Arrow keys to control the flippers.

The first Gumball Machine

Although vending machines for stick or block-shaped gum were seen as early as 1888, the first machines to carry actual gumballs were not seen until 1907. This first model was most probably created by Thomas Adams Gum Co., Company that was responsible for some of the most popular chewing gum products in history. The vending and gumball machines that started appearing all around the world because they offered a very profitable business to the sellers who were able to purchase sweet gums from manufacturers for very affordable price, and then sell it to end customers for much higher price using automated process that did not require seller present to dispense the gums. The majority of gumball machines that were put into use had a very simple design that included glass or plastic sphere that housed multi-colored Bubble Gum chewing gums, and a simple operating mechanism below it that accepted coins. When the user put the coin and operated a small lever, the mechanism inside the machine would release one of the gums into a chute that customer could reach for.

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