FZ PinBall Game

FZ PinBall Game

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Move your paddle to hit the steel ball. Watch as the ball bounces around the arcade machine, raking up points for you. In this graphic marvel of a pinball machine, you have to be intensively focused on the swirling ball. You only have three balls so you need to make sure that the respective ball stays in the game for as long as possible and score points. This machine is not for wimps who have prepared for a cozy gathering of points. Never loose your orientation and show you that you can always remain in complete control even in stressful situations when you play this free online game. Have Fun!

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How to Play FZ PinBall Game

Touch the screen our use your mouse.

When did the flipper lever get invented

In 1947, the technician Harry Mabs invented the flipper lever. The lever revolutionized the pinball world, as the player was now able to actively intervene in the fun online game. In the first versions, which were equipped with the new pinball machine levers, they were arranged at the edge of the playing field. Over the course of the coming three years, the flipper levers were mounted in the middle of the playing field. The development brought the machine manufacturers Gottlieb and Williams a small oligopoly on the world market. Most of the competitors could not keep up with new innovations and had to withdraw from the market.

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