Black Star Pinball 2 Game

Black Star Pinball 2 Game

Black Star Pinball 2 Game Online - Play Free Fun Pinball Internet Games

Attention, all lovers of pinball machines. A neat pinball match has never hurt anyone. If you are tired of going to a casino only so you can get to enjoy a few rounds of pinball, Black Star Pinball 2 is the new alternative for you. It is a classic pinball game with an interesting twist. In this pinball game, your score is based on the number of golden starts that you catch throughout the game. Each golden star lasts for 18 seconds and you to hit it with the ball during this time in order to catch it. After some time, black stars also appear on the screen. These black stars last shorter than golden ones (5 seconds), but if you accidentally hit them, you will lose the game. Have fun!

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How to Play Black Star Pinball 2 Game

Use your mouse to play the game or tap on the screen. There is only one thing you need to know: Make sure you do not screw things up!

The origin of Pinball machines

The now familiar pinball machines have their origin in so-called trivial or pinball games. These are still available today as a kind of toy for children. Traditionally, a metal ball is catapulted onto the playing field from the right side of the pinball machine. The field that is riddled with obstacles has a slight slope, which sends the metal ball rolling down towards players. Already in the 19th century, there existed vending machines that would follow this gaming concept. Official documents confirm that the first patent applications for this type of leisure activity were received by various agencies in 1871. A long triumph in all parts of the world began.

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