Dragon Simulator 3D Game

Dragon Simulator 3D Game

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In this free online game you get to control a huge dragon in the new dragon life simulator. Choose which dragon you will be. Use the destructive power of fire, ice, nature or air. Your dragon can destroy almost all objects on the map. The biggest and most terrible predators cannot be compared in strength with a dragon. The dragon can confront a whole town of people. The bravest of humans will attack your dragon. However, the dragon with the help of his breath and huge tail can quickly defeat his enemies and break their houses and fortifications. The dragon will also be opposed by more formidable opponents like huge golems, trolls, demons and other creatures. Gradually, the dragon will become stronger and stronger. As the dragon grows up, it will have its own clan of dragons and den. Have fun!

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How to Play Dragon Simulator 3D Game

W, A, S, D or arrows to move Q to take off/landing Space bar to jump/fly up C to fly down Left mouse button to do a ranged attack Right mouse button to do a melee attack H to hide interface Shift to speed up L to lock/unlock cursor. Create a clan of dragons. Dragon customization: Fine-tuning the appearance and skin of the dragon. The dragon and its mates are growing, increasing in size and power. In your lair, your dragon will collect the most valuable and rare treasures from around the world. Warriors will attack the dragon with a sword, bow and magic. You also get to experience battles with other huge creatures. Enjoy the appealing day / night cycle and get rewarded with achievements.

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