Dragon Island Game

Dragon Island Game

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urther. Dive into the world of dragon mastery where you'll embark on an epic quest. Begin your journey with dragon eggs, and through skillful matching, witness their breathtaking evolution to the almighty Master Dragon. Earn points for every triumphant match, but can you conquer the leaderboard and claim the ultimate score? Brace yourself for a heart-pounding experience across ten exhilarating levels of evolution, using a slick swiping mechanic to maneuver the dragon pieces in every direction. It's time to unleash the dragon within!

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How to Play Dragon Island Game

Put your fingers on your mouse or on the screen of your mobile phone to move multiple dragon pieces in four different directions in this html5 puzzle game. our job is to evolve these dangerous souls to the highest possible level by matching 2 or more dragons. Each successful match will help you to claim for some awesome points. You cannot be bored for a single minute until you complete ten exciting levels of dragon evolution.

Matching Dragons is a Brain Challenge

This type of unique arcade challenge has the ability to keep you engrossed for hours. Use your brain to match two the same stages to prepare one larger stage! There are plenty of stages to deal with and your final objective is to help them to reach the highest stage of the creatures. Try to hold your higher creatures at the bottom of the field while keeping your lower creatures at the top of the screen! Enjoy the wonderful gaming field of 4x4 cells in mobile phones, tablets or PCs.

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