Cute Little Dragon Creator Game

Cute Little Dragon Creator Game

Cute Little Dragon Creator Game Online - Play Free Fun Dragon Internet Games

Do you like dragons? Then this online game is for you. Create your own unique cute little dragon; you can choose any color and many patterns and decorations, as well as eyes, wings, tail and accessories. How did your little dragon turn out? Show the screenshot in the comments. Have fun!

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How to Play Cute Little Dragon Creator Game

Left mouse button or touch.

Fun Dragon Facts for Kids

According to and there are many interesting and fun facts about dragons. A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures. Dragons are among the most popular and enduring of the world's mythological creatures. Dragon tales are known in many cultures, from the Americas to Europe to India to China. It's not clear when or where stories of dragons first emerged, but the huge, flying serpents were described by the ancient Greeks and Sumerians. The belief in dragons was based not just in legend but also in hard evidence - or so it seemed. For millennia no one knew what to make of the giant bones that were occasionally unearthed around the globe, and dragons seemed a logical choice for people who had no knowledge of dinosaurs. There are two distinct types of dragons, the Western Dragon and the Eastern Dragon. A Western Dragon have scaly green bodies and huge red wings. Fierce and always hungry, a Western dragon will eat anything but especially likes weak, young, human flesh. Dragons lived in caves, mountains, or lakes. Compared to Western dragons, the Eastern Dragons are quite small. Their bodies are long, and they have two horns for ears. They have no wings, and their soft breath is said to form clouds. They do not roar; instead they make the sounds of beating gongs and jingling bells. Chinese dragons dine on sparrows. They live wherever there is water. They are kind and wise friends of human beings.

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