City Siege Game

City Siege Game

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The city has been taken over by a hostile army. Build up your army with heavy military hardware and take back the streets. Use the battlefield to your advantage and pick up power-ups to help you finish the levels. Always try to find ways to shoot the enemies while not allowing them to shoot you Try not to destroy the city while you are at it. Have fun!

10,600 play times

How to Play City Siege Game

Click troops to select them. Then use WASD or Cursor Keys to control the troop. Aim with the mouse, Click to shoot. Move the mouse to the edges of the screen to scroll around and take a look at what’s ahead. Some units need to stop to be able to shoot (namely the Bazooka guy and the Artillery truck).

What is a Siege

According to WikiPedia a siege is a military blockade of a city or fortress with the intent of conquering by attrition or assault. Siege warfare is a form of constant, low-intensity conflict characterized by one party holding a strong, static defensive position. Consequently, an opportunity for negotiation between combatants is not uncommon, as proximity and fluctuating advantage can encourage diplomacy. A siege occurs when an attacker encounters a city or fortress that cannot be easily taken by a coup and refuses to surrender. Sieges involve surrounding the target and blocking the reinforcement or escape of troops or provision of supplies, typically coupled with attempts to reduce the fortifications by means of siege engines, artillery bombardment, mining (also known as sapping), or the use of deception or treachery to bypass defences. Failing a military outcome, sieges can often be decided by starvation, thirst, or disease, which can afflict either the attacker or defender. This form of siege, though, can take many months or even years, depending upon the size of the stores of food the fortified position holds.

Fun Facts about the Cities of the World

According to there are many fun facts to learn about the cities of the world. The largest city by population in the world is Shanghai. The most highly placed city in the world is Peruvian town of La Rinconada, which is located at an altitude of 16,700 feet above sea level. Lowest placed city in the world is the Israeli town of Neve Zohar Dead Sea, 1,295 feet below sea level. The northernmost city of the planet is a Norwegian Longyearbyen, the administrative center of Svalbard. It is noteworthy that there is no the cemetery there, instead they will bury you on the Norwegian mainland. The southernmost city in the world is Ushuaia, located in Tierra del Fuego in Argentina. The most expensive city in the world is Zurich in Switzerland.

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