Gravity Running Adventure Game

Gravity Running Adventure Game

Gravity Running Adventure Game Online - Play Free Fun Action Internet Games

Run ahead and try to avoid the obstacles to pass the level. Use the gravity to jump up and down on time, to avoid successful the obstacles which are on your way. Have fun!

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How to Play Gravity Running Adventure Game

Use your mouse or touch screen. Try to collect the stars and finish the level with 3 stars.

Weird Zero Gravity Facts for Kids

There are a few weird zero gravity facts. It may look fun, and zero gravity is more complex than simply floating in space. Our muscles are needed for support in the weightlessness of space and they start to deteriorate. As a result forcing astronauts to vigorously work out every day to maintain muscle mass astronauts exercise up to two and a half hours a day six days a week to minimize the negative effects of spaceflight on their bodies. Along with their muscles they can also lose up to one percent of their bone density each month spent in space other abnormalities. Without gravity, urine will settle at the bottom of our bladders and will not trigger nerves it normally would. Astronauts often don't know they have to pee until their bladder is completely full. We can simulate zero gravity but not created, while it would be fun to create zero gravity conditions on earth there are as of yet no means to accomplish it. However there are numerous methods to create the sensation of zero-g for a handful of seconds, most notably there's the Vomit Comet a hollowed-out plane owned by NASA which will gain altitude and then drop it a rate which allows its untethered passengers to experience of free fall for about 30 seconds. Zero gravity makes you lose your appetite. Anybody hungry in a surprising side effects zero gravity. Astronauts have been reporting having problems with their noses which affects their appetite. Astronauts report stuffy noses limiting their ability to smell and taste food, and smell plays an important role in your appetite and without it we don't feel. The need to eat is often or enjoy the food we were given because we can't taste it as much even if their noses weren't blocked. Food aromas don't rise up towards your nose in a zero gravity environment.

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