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Copperhead Internet Game - Play Free Wild West Ghost Town Games

This free online game takes you to Copperhead, and abandon ghost town from the wild west. It is said that there is a secret that lies deep within Copperhead, an old ghost town that has been empty since the gold rush. As a Secret Seeker you explore areas like this one trying to uncover the hidden secrets. You will start you journey outside of the Rosewood Motel, and click items to get clues about the hidden secrets of this town. Have Fun!

Play Copperhead game online for free today

Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun, and do you also enjoy to play free wild west games? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free Copperhead game online right now.

How to play Copperhead game online

Use your mouse to take interact with objects and collect items to help uncover the secrets.

The Spookiest Ghost Towns in America

Old mines, abandoned buildings, and ghostly orbs are what you would expect to find in a typical American ghost town from the wild west. According to many ghost towns today used to be mining towns back in the American West. One of these are South Pass City. It was founded in 1867 when a large gold deposit was discovered. Within a year, the population had swelled to about 2,000 people, mostly men, and saloons, brothels, and the boisterous and dangerous life of a frontier town were in full swing. Today the site features more than 30 preserved historic structures dating from the city's heyday. Another town is Bannack, Montana, this desolate former mining town in Montana is so riddled with paranormal activity it was featured in an episode of the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures. Southwest of Selma lies Alabama's most famous ghost town, Cahawba. The town and its abandoned streets, cemeteries and ruins have been the setting for many ghost stories. In the well-known ghost town of Bodie, California, shacks still stand with tables set, waiting for their long-gone residents to return, while shops and restaurants are still stocked up with some supplies, prepared to service customers who will never arrive. If Copperhead was a real ghost town it probably would have made this list.

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