Smart Soccer

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Smart Soccer Game Online - Play Free Fun Soccer Flash Games

Most soccer flash games out there focus on the offensive - and think about it, the soccer world glorifies the forwards while the goalies who have the ever difficult task of saving and catching balls are just left in the sidelines. Well, not anymore. Not with Smart Soccer. You may be good at offense BUT how good are you at defense? How good are you at keeping the incoming balls at bay? Play this game, put your defensive skills to the test, and find out! Have Fun!

How to Play Smart Soccer Flash Game Online

Smart Soccer is one of those games where you play as a goalie (or a goal keeper for long): (1) OK, to defend the goal, use your mouse. Move your gloves and try to save all of the shots. Don't let the opponent score! (2) For every ball you catch, you get 100 points. Doing so consecutively will build up and multiply your bonus points. By the way, you can only miss four saves per level. Go beyond that and it's game over for you!

A Fun Soccer Flash Game that Focus on the Goal Keeper

It's nice to see soccer flash games like this - sort of giving tribute and attention to the goal keeper. And to make things even sweeter, it comes with nice 3D graphics, which makes the experience even better. The only quibble I have with the game, as far as the interface goes is that it's all cluttered with ads. YEP, there are advertisements on all corners... advertisements for finding a home or something like it. I understand that the sponsors want to get something out of the game, BUT NOT to the point that the game looks more of an ad poster at first glance!

Smart Soccer - Game Play

The mechanics of this free online game are pretty simple - stop all of the balls from reaching the goal. And mind you, this is no easy feat - that guy across you... the forward, he's really good at kicking balls and getting them to the goal. You can always expect for the ball to be kicked with a spin and it will usually go to a direction that you're not expecting. Good reflexes, keeping an eye on the ball - this is essential in winning this a level in Smart Soccer and moving on to the next stage. Do you think you are just as good in defense as you are in offense? Will you manage to get past the 2nd stage which I failed to do? Or will you crumble right in the opening levels? Give it a shot and see for yourself.

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