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Oiligarchy Internet Game - Play Oil Business Management Games Online

The Second World War has just ended and you are trying to become the new hero in the oil business and to really show your opponents who is boss. In Oiligarchy, you have the opportunity to build the largest oil company in the world and transform the black stuff into pure gold. All you have to know is that under the earth large oil reserves are still slumbering. You have to find these by sending search parties to walk the grounds. Once you have found an oil field, you build a drilling rig and have to make sure to hit the oil reserves just right. Then you can start pumping up the oil. When the oil field is exploited halfway, it is very difficult to pump anything. The productivity will be declining. Therefore you should always pay attention to the display of the oil pumping as well as productivity. If the revenues fall, it may be that you will be immediately fired. Because the oil business is a tough business, and in Oiligarchy, you can prove what is in you. Promote and sell as much oil as possible. Make sure to have enough money available for the upcoming elections. It may also be that you have to bribe politicians. That is just part of it all. The oil business is a dirty business. That is the only way that you can pump oil in the protected areas, when the oil dries up in other places. There are also countries in which you may not pump oil - whether as a small war might help here? You can begin to see already that Oiligarchy is an exciting game, and you have to have a bunch of tricks up your sleeve to become the new oligarch. Have Fun!

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Oil is the fuel that drives the global economy

Oil is the fuel that drives the global economy more than any other material. It is widely used. It is used as a fuel for transportation, for heating of residential buildings as well as for the power generation in power plants. Unfortunately, there are some serious problems with the use of oil. This begins with the pollution in the pumping, and the transport of oil. However, the products of combustion are just as dangerous. The exhausts of internal combustion engines are highly toxic, for example. The worldwide rise in temperature is attributed to the widespread use of oil in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries as well.

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