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At the start of Corporation Inc, you first established how much seed money you have available. With $ 10,000 starting capital, it is of course much more difficult than with $ 20,000 or $ 50,000. So you can really draw on unlimited resources and build new buildings. But the construction of buildings is not the only thing that you have to take care of during the management game. Your job is to find the right employees as well as hire them. At the same time, you must never lose sight of the profits. You can permanently retrieve and control the profits. This is important when you play. Because good people cost money, of course, regardless of whatever area they might work in. In the area of research, you lay the foundation of your empire. Here, you are running basic research and can score with new products. But you also need the employees to install as well as maintain the computers. Because without the right hardware, you are simply screwed. But first things first. First, you build the first floor of your new office building. You have no created four positions that you will need to fill. So search for people that you want to work for you. But not only the employees are important. The equipment of the office is important as well. An office building needs stairs and elevators, as well as other floors. With small touches you increase the motivation of your employees, and make them work better and achieve more. So you should build not only restrooms but also sports facilities, break rooms and a cafeteria, of course. Then you can go back to taking care of business. You expand your building as well as the other floors. Then you hire the new employees. At Corporation Inc., you become the manager of a company that is operating worldwide and have to expand it perfectly. Have Fun!

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