Bear Hunting 3D

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Bear Hunting 3D Game - Play Fun Black Bears Hunting Games Online

Bear Hunting 3D is an online bear hunting game at it's absolute best. Another brilliant simulation brought to you by ESPN studios. Bear Hunting 3D features a real world hunters experience in various hunting seasons, stands, camouflage, and weapons. Scour your map in search of the biggest brown and black bear around. Use your outfitted rifle or compound bow to take down a monster grizzly and become a true bear hunting legend. Move around use various techniques to call the bears in where you can take a shot. Have Fun!

Play Bear Hunting 3D game online for free today

Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun, and do you also enjoy to play a fun internet browser game? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free Bear Hunting 3D game online right now.

How to play Bear Hunting 3D game online

Use your mouse to play this hunting game. First, select Fall or Winter Hunting. Then select Hunting Cover Stand and Sporting Arm. The first stand is populated with younger bear that are curious. The later stands are populated with bear that are progressively older, more wary, and larger. Click Hunt to see a first person view. Hold cursor over the left and right edges of the window to scroll, or use your arrow keys. Once a bear is in view, get a bead on him and click the mouse to fire.

Fun Bear Hunting Facts

According to there are many fun and interesting facts about bear hunting. Despite divided opinion about the political correctness of bear hunting, it is something every hunter should try at least once. Black bears can be hunted in the spring or fall. Each state and province has specific regulations dictating when and how bears can be hunted. When hunting black bear, consider food source. Focus on areas with a sufficient forage base. There should be water nearby along with good cover. Bears leave tracks. A great place to look for these is in the wet sand and soil along shorelines of rivers, streams and lakes. A variety of strategies and techniques are proven effective in pursuing spring black bears. Whether floating down a river, walking cut-lines, spot and stalk hunting, baiting or calling, black bears are very huntable. As a rule, black bears want no more to do with you than Superman does with kryptonite. The fact is, it's important to treat them with due respect, be aware they possess immense strength and are able to cause considerable damage.

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