Early Morning Yoga

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Early Morning Yoga Game - Play Fun Yoga Dress-Up Games Online

There is no better way to start the day, than doing some yoga early in the morning. Choose from several cool fitness outfits and accessories to dress this pretty girl. Have Fun!

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Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun, and do you also enjoy to play a fun internet browser game? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free Early Morning Yoga game online right now.

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Use your mouse to play this fun online game.

The 5 Yoga Poses You should do Every Morning

The birds are singing, you haven't checked your e-mail yet, and you have a moment of peace before the day attacks. This is your opportunity to start the day off right. According to HuffingtonPost.com there are five poses you just need to every morning. 1. Open a window, breathe some fresh air and fill your room with natural light. Stand backbend and do some side stretches. 2. Do some stretching. 3. Have a conversation with yourself as this might be the only alone time you have all day. 4. Come down onto the hands and knees and do the cat-cow. 5. Taking deep breaths lowers stress and improves cognitive activity. Take 5 rounds of deep breath in a pose, closing the eyes if you have your balance.

Why Early Morning Yoga is Good for you

Even on those mornings when you can barely drag yourself out of bed (we've been there), come to your yoga mat or simply your living room rug. According to Greatist.com early morning yoga will make you walk away feeling centered, focused, and ready to own the day. It is helpful to know that some poses create energy while others are meant to calm so that you are sure to practice each at the proper time of day. Another benefit of morning practice is it becomes a routine and you are certain it will fit into your busy day. When there is no set schedule for yoga, the time tends to slip away and responsibility takes over. Planning your practice to be at the same time each morning simplifies the goal while also improving the rest of your day as you start it feeling confident and ready for anything. When time is of the essence, the absolute best morning pose that you can do to get energized is the Sun Salutation. Considered the mother of all yoga postures, it is designed to wake up the whole mind-body because it includes almost every element of a full practice.

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