Turbo Golf

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Turbo Golf Game Online - Play Free Turbo Golf Flash Games

Turbo Golf is the fastest golf flash game that you have ever seen. It comes with many features and customizing options, making it a great free online game. You will hardly believe that this is a flash game, because you can customize your player, you can choose your cubs, and any decision will affect your style of playing. For the start, you only have one player at your disposal. You can choose to upgrade him and to buy him all the required gear to make it the next worldwide champion, but you can also play with other characters that you unlock later. Even the colors of the clothes can be chosen. Well, it will not affect your playing style, but you will definitely like the idea of distinguishing your character around the course. Yes, there are several courses to choose from, each one of those with its own characteristics. Golf is one of the most popular games in the world, because it is considered a luxury game. Golf is not for any person, and if you choose this game, you can consider yourself as a part of the elite. When you play this free online game you will enter a fascinating world were skills and style compete one another, in one of the best golf experiences that you will ever try. Have Fun!

How to Play Turbo Golf Game Online

Mouse to aim your shot, and click anywhere to hit the ball. In this free flash game you need to look at the swing meter to get 100 percent power (or more or less).

Fun Golf Facts

Golf is a sportive game in which competitors need to hit special balls with a cub, and to introduce those in their designed holes. It can be practiced by anyone, and it is maybe the only sport that is perfect for people aged 10 to 80. In a common golf game, the player needs to walk 10-15 kilometers. the rules of the game don't impose a standard course size. On the contrary, each course has a particular shape, according to the relief. Usually, a golf course has 9-18 holes.

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